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Some original species adopts for my species called Cosmians. You can find out info about them here


  • Blackhole - $28

  • Star - $25

  • Comet - $25

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sometimes u just gotta think of ur monster bf as a domestic dude and fawn over him bc ur a sucker for romance

Kirby Valentine's Cards!

im prob not gonna make more?

i was thinking about it but meh

maybe if u poke me w a stick ill do something

Zero T/Zero H

i was originally going to draw a cute kirb w wings

but this happened

bonus shitpost:

Hawke and his over worked lover

aka hi im back and ive been drawing nothing but kirby related stuff for 3 days send help

sometimes a family is a dude, his orb husband and their god killer son

Plagued Wings Snippet 2: Wings And Fur

No warning needed this time!

Dante was never the best flier, so it was no shock when he was practicing and procced to get caught in a wind and tumbled down into the nearby forest. He shook his head as he caught up from the crash, wincing when he streched his wings.

"Oh great... Broke it.. Now I have to walk back home... Wherever home is." He looked around, the young aviral now realizing how dire this situation could be. But he was brave for being only a child, so he picked a direction and began walking.

After about an hour, he realized how hopelessly lost he was and sighed, sitting on a log. "I bet they belive I'm dead," he muttered to himself, looking around. "Oh but you might be soon, little one." Dante quickly stumbled back off the log and onto the ground. Behind him was a demon, the very demon that was constantly tormenting his city. Its large maw was open and dripping with toxic sludge.

He screamed for help, scrambling to get up but getting pinned by one of the demon's claws. It chuckled, leaning down to eat the child before being struck in face with a blade, causing it to rear back and screech. Dante quickly wiggled out from under it's calw, running and hiding in a tree trunk. He watched as a blue winged beast with a sword in its mouth landed between him and the demon.

The demon hissed, its long body thrashing angerly. "Persitant mutt! You're lucky I can't poison you with that acursed armour of yours... This isn't the end dammit!" It skittered off, mumbling to itself. The beast huffed, blade glowing blue then disappearing. "It will be one day, coward."

He turned his head to the child, smiling softly. "You're alright, yes?" Dante slowly came out from the hollow of the tree, smiling. "That was amazing! I've never seen someone fight the demon before!" Suddenly his eyes started to closed and he collasped. The beast ran and caught him. On the child's neck was a black wound, an aftermath of a drop of the venom from the demon. The beast huffed, grabbing Dante with his paws and flying off towards the city.

Plagued Wings Snippet 1: Personal War

WARNING: This part is violent, reader digression is adviced.

Gear's paws felt heavy as he walked to the city. The city where that tratorius bastard lived. But it wasn't long now, he could see the gates through the brush of the forest. The second he stepped through, he heard guards yelling at him. He didn't care for their words. He looked up at them, and he saw their panic.

They saw the sickness corsing through him. Soon they were scrambling for their bows but he didn't let them. Letting out a loud howl, the winged beast channeled the power he was givin and corrupted the guards. They lets out screams of pain as they were turned into beasts by the magic.

Once changed, they jumped down from thier posts, mouths open and drooling. Gear continued to the gate, growling and charging towards it until he broke through it to the other side. The people near it screamed and became to run, more guards quickly charging to defend the city.

The corrupt hounds quickly charged to the guards, biting them and changing them as well, if they survived the mauling. Then they went for the commoners. But Gear payed no mind to the fearful peasents. They were not his target. So he began his walk to reach the castle in the middle of the city.

The closer he got, the more gaurds appeared that tried in vain to defeat him. But he was filled with rage and revenge, he wasn't going to let them defeat him. And it wasn't long before he reached the castles gates, that had been closed in an attempt to defend from him.

He laughed at the febel attempt, howling and calling forth a group of the corrupt hounds. They quickly ran over and charged at the gates, knawing on them as their acid fangs ate through the wood and metal quickly. Gear simply step through the ever growing hole and barked orders for the hounds to find his target.

Off they went, hunting anything that moved and killing it if it wasn't the king. Gear searched as well, til he found him. The coward had holed himself in his study, but now his shelter is his doom.

"Your time has come, coward. You have forsaken the wrong individual this time, and his vengace is now. What say you for your crimes? Do you plead not guilty once more? You have sat here on your throne of lies for much too long. I hope you rot in Hell."

He lunged forward, ripping him apart, the taste of copper in his mouth never tasted better. When he finished, he stumbled backwards, the power was too much now that he was calmed. He panted for a bit before his legs started to shake and he fell. The demon had kept its part of the deal, now he will pay his price gladly.

He laid his head down, a smile on his face as he embraced death. "I will be with you soon.. My dear friend... Soon..." And then, he was no more.

ok so

i think instead bc im terrible w writing like

connected things

im gonna write out of order snippets when i think of them

the story is gonna be called "Plagued Wings"

Before The Storm

sometimes you just gotta make a DND homebrew character and makes a whole different story based on him and his best friend

if you wanna know the whole story, im thinking about writing it or something along those lines?

or you can ask about it!

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has anyone here tried Skylanders cuse im in love w these funky lil dudes now

raptures-songbird -

cjadewyton -

man skylanders was so good!! Haven't played it in years though

raptures-songbird -

friend shaped

has anyone here tried Skylanders cuse im in love w these funky lil dudes now

Original Species: Eye Sights

raptures-songbird -

These guys could be triggering? I'm just putting a warning just in case.

  • Eye Sights are small bat like creatures but their body consists of mostly an eye

  • They usually work as messengers or scouts, able to magically project what they see to their master

  • They make cute chirps and can talk but only to someone with strong psychic abilities or their master

    • Even then, their vocabulary is limited
  • Can turn invisible and pass through walls but very easy to kill

  • They don’t need to eat or sleep but they do ‘feed’ on magically energy

  • If they touch black blood they will become corrupted and turn into an Eye Dragon

  • Very docile!

  • Are either made by their master or 'born' from two others

  • 'Breeding' is just two Eye Sights that love each other in a romantic way cuddling up to each other and suddenly an egg pops up next to them

  • Adults are around the size of a Cockatoo on average


raptures-songbird -

hey this has been updated and is now more accurate!!!

Eye Sight Refs!

ok so im sure yall remember my lil round lads?

i finally got around to make ref stuff, INCLUDING!! bases for people to make thier own!

its gonna all be in the read more!

BTW! the label doesnt matter, go nuts with these guys!

now some written ref stuff:

CAN HAVE: - Asessories! Like a hat or band on their tail - Patterns! They can have dots, stripes, whatever! - Their palettes can be any colors - Any kind of pupil! The most common are slit like a snakes but any works

CANT HAVE: - Fur, so sadly no head tufts [the stuff on the rare and exotic are feathers!] - More than one set of wings - More than one tail

Glowing Stars And White Eyes

i took an hour to make this and im so proud of it yall have no idea

so my boyfriend has a pokesona now, Nightmare the Yvetal my lil dood, Trix the Zoura/Eevee fusion likes to lay on his head

(I'm super disapointed, the masking tape I used ripped the paper on the side :S )

Trans Flag Eye Sight

Ace heres the trans baby!

im gonna be linking them all so its easier to get to

Ace Flag Eye Sight

so im doing this event thing of sorts where im doing eye sights with pride flag color palettes!

and im gonna be working on posting them onto my redbubble so you can have them as a sticker

so far i have this one and the trans flag one

me: im gonna be leaving sorry :c

me coming back here after a while:

Palette's are creatures that eat color palettes and change their color to fit the colors they ingested. Their bodies come in two colors. Black and white, but their secondary colors come in whatever palette they ate.

i have no idea if hebby repps make noise but i feel like that if they do it sounds like a honk but lowered by 3 octaves

My First Meet The Artist

And a transcript bc my writing is terrible:

Likes! My BF and Fiance OCs Music Mother Ducking DINOSAURS

Dislikes Loud noises Drama tm That feeling when dry skin gets caught on That Fabric tm and makes you get uncozy and wanna strangl

Usually Around: Phone Headset Stuffie [not always the same one]

hi im tobi and i really love dinos have a nice day